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Growing up listening to groups such as Grand Master Flash, BDP, Eric B & Rakim, and, Lord Finesse. I always visioning myself as an artist and wanted to perform on the same level as the greats. While listening to all types of music in my mind I would come up with my own melodies. When I was about11 years old, I would hang out with one of my older friends who was a local DJ at that time. I would sit and watch him spin records mixing & scratching watching how he would create break beats for our local break dancing crews.

My interests grew more each day on becoming an artist I decided that I wanted to pursue creating music and was looking at ways and the right equipment to buy. Being poor at the time my Mom could only afford the local retail store musical equipment. In school, I learned how to play the trumpet and read music. Finally, years later I was able to incorporate what I learned and buy what some of the latest producers were using at that time.

Armed with a Nu-Mark four-second sampler, a Tascam 4 track machine, and a Boss 660 drum machine. I began learning the craft of creating beats I wanted to make money so I started out selling beat tapes in high school and kids around my area for $10 a tape. As my popularity grew so did my skills and my production studio. I then started composing my own melodies mixed with sample chops and sold beats exclusively through magazine such as: The Source, Rap pages, and Murder dog magazine (back when it was a newspaper) and more.

My first production website was back in 1996 through a networked friend who owned a storefront called the Hiphop mall.com I was selling beat tapes to aspiring artist around the United States and the globe. Even correctional facilities at that time were getting copies of beat tapes. My fist year I sold over 700 copies, which I released two beat tapes titled "The New Beginning" & "Makin Moves". That is an impressive # of units to a 15-year-old kid.

During that time I was working with several local group producing there albums and singles. Creating a buzz through the streets as an original and talented producer. Years later I decided to take my talent and concentrate on just becoming a production service for hire, and work with all types of groups and artist. With my signature sound it has gained, a following and respect among my peers. With a few hundred beats sold alone on the net, we have cemented us to become a staple in the hip-hop community.

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