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News 12.30.11

9 new free beats available in beat section few more coming then I will focus more on solid produced beats for sale

New Beat Fallen 1 for under $10 you can use it for all projects and the beat will be instantly sent to your email address.This beat will be available 1.9.12 see you next year and beat safe.

The past few months I have been developing a new site that I can show more of my versitily. Coming soon a new certifiedbeatz.com

Remember there is only one certifiedbeatz.com other duplicate which is great and welcomed.

All artist looking to collab on a project this is not related to beats on site email tyrone@certifiedbeatz.com only serious artist will be considered.

Certified Beatz News

Welcome to CertifiedBeatz.com we are your #1 source for original hip-hop beats. We have over 10 years of experience, and never been afraid to push the envelope on creating a new sound. Those that have bought beats from us in the past know that you are getting top quality production. Now with our professionally designed website you can have access to a large scale of hip-hop beats from club style to grimy street beats instantly.

Our method was to reach everyone out there with our new affordable pricing and unique sound and professionalism. With the streaming feature, you can listen to your beat(s) then instantly download it. Once the purchase is completed, you will have the beat you selected in the matter of minutes sent electronically to your email address.

You can request custom beats easier then ever with our custom beat form. Just fill your name and Certified Beatzother info and description on the beat you wanted created then submit your payment and once your approval been confirmed you will receive your beat instantly. Your master will be shipped priority mail in the matter of days.

We have just hundreds of beats over the years and will continue to bring top quality sound and production like we have in the past.

Thank you for choosing us as your mobile producers.

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